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Certified ISO 9001:2008

Member of Hydraulic Institute


Agricultural, Municipal, and Recreational

Agricultural, Municipal, and Recreational
  • Amusement park water slides
  • Cooling tower water circulation
  • District water supply
  • Farm irrigation
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Ski resort snow making
  • High-rise sprinkler systems
  • Pressure boosting
  • Wastewater treatment systems

Automotive, OEM, and General Manufacturing  

Automotive, OEM, and General Manufacturing
  • Circulating water supply  
  • Coatings and spray paint systems
  • Commercial dishwashers
  • Fluid filtering
  • Large vehicle washers  
  • Machine coolant recovery
  • Parts washers circulation
  • Reverse osmosis / desalinization
  • Sanitary wash down
  • Sump collection and drain
  • Turbomachinery lube oil supply
  • Ultra high purity water wash systems
  • Various other proprietary systems

Chemical Processing and Refining

Chemical Processing and Refining
  • Acids and solvents transfer
  • Caustic solution transfer
  • Ethane and polyethane
  • Hot oil applications
  • Light hydrocarbon transfer
  • Liquid sulfur transfer
  • Monomer, polymer, and resins
  • Off site loading and transfer
  • Phosphoric and sulfuric acids


  • Air conditioning chilled water
  • Aqueous film-foaming (AFFF)
  • Bilge transfer
  • Distilling plant feed systems
  • Electronics systems cooling
  • Main and auxiliary engine cooling
  • Main seawater ballast
  • Main boiler feed and condensate
  • Main fire fighting
  • JP-5 fuel supply to jet fighters
  • Portable water supply
  • Radar system cooling
  • Waste water recycling

Mining, Pulp and Paper and Power Generation

Mining, Pulp and Paper and Power Generation
  • Acid leaching processes  
  • Black, green, and white liquor
  • Boiler feed systems
  • Boiler tube cleaning
  • Caustic and chemical feed
  • Condensate return
  • Deaerator circulation  
  • Deionized water transfer
  • Ground water evacuation
  • NOx water transfer
  • Oil lube for rotating equipment
  • Raw water supply
  • Trash, effluent, and wastewater
  • Underground mine dewatering
  • Wastewater treatment