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In this section, we have provided the means to view and download the Sales Brochures and Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals (IOM'S) for our current pumps.

This literature is available to use at your discretion, as long as trademarks and copyrights are not infringed upon. Since we routinely make updates, we suggest you visit this site frequently.

Sales Brochures ( PDF Files)

Corporate Brochure (363KB)
Corporate Brochure Spanish (363KB)
Corporate Brochure Portugese (363KB)
  Process - Multistage RS Series (1.6MB)

RSV Series (644KB)

Industrial - Horizontal

ETA Series (404KB)
GH Series (437KB)


855 Series (1.1M)

  Process - End Suction

KEF Series


KWP Series (1.1MB)

API Maxum Series (852KB) 
Process Maxum Series (1.1MB)

Industrial - Vertical G2C Series (983KB)
GVC Series (694KB)
GVS Series (678KB)
  Commercial Marine M Series (775KB)

IOMs ( PDF Files)

Industrial - Horizontal
ETA Series (1.7MB)
ETA-L Series (2.8MB)
ETA-L Series - "C" frame after 7/96 (1.9MB)
L&H / GS Series -Front Pull Out (2.1MB)
L&H / GS Series - Back Pull Out, JM Shaft (1.4MB)
L&H / GS Series - Back Pull Out, JP Shaft (1.8MB)
GH Series (1MB)
850 Series(2MB)
855-OH Series - English (1MB)
KF55 -OH Series - English (1MB)
  Process - Multistage RS Series - ATEX version - rev 0 (2.2MB)
RS Series - January 2016 - current (5.1MB)
RS Series- s/n After July 2010 - December 2015
RS Series - s/n 164313 - July 2010 (2.3MB)
RS Series - s/n 158587 - 164312 (3.3MB)
RS Series - s/n 158586 and older (1.5MB)
WKL Series (5.7MB)
WKM Series (3.7MB)
WKM Series - S/N 80550 and later (3.4MB)
WKH Series (7MB)

RSV Series (3.4KB)

Industrial - Vertical

G2C Series (765KB)
G2S Series (1.1MB)
GVC Series (655KB)
GVS Series - Current (819KB)
GVS Series - Before August 21, 2003 (644KB)
LHB Series (1.7MB)
LHS Series (2MB)
LHT Series (1.6MB)
LHV Series - Current (1.3MB)
LHV Series - Before 1995 (1.4MB)

WKLV Lube Oil  Series -Grease  (2MB)                         
WKLV Lube Oil Series -Oil  (2MB)                         
End Suction Lube Oil Series - Grease (1.3MB)
End Suction Lube Oil Series - Oil (1.4MB

  Process - End Suction KWP Series - Close Coupled (980KB)
KWP Series - Frame Mounted (1MB)

API 10th Edition Maxum Series .-  (1.8MB)
API 11th Edition Maxum Series .- (1.8MB)
Maxum Series -
Process Maxum Series -   (668KB)

Maxum Mag Series -  (5.4MB)

KEF Series (1.3MB)
Commercial - Marine M Series - appendices for specific models not included (1.2MB)

For any maintenance manual not listed above, contact Customer Service with the serial number of the pump in question.

Tech Manuals ( PDF Files)

API Maxum Series (5.9MB)
ETA Series (3.8MB)
GH Series (14.6MB)
G2 Series (3.4MB)
GV Series (8.6MB)
M Series (8.7MB)
Maxum Series (7.3MB)                                       

Process Maxum Series (6.6MB)
RS Series (10M)
• 855 Series (10M)

RSV Series (10M)