A Carver Pump Story

Alloy 20 in Sulfuric Acid Applications

When no one else could answer the call, Carver Pump showcased their engineering and design flexibility for a power plant in trouble.

Cleaner Air

A byproduct of coal fired power plants is sulfur dioxide. If released into the atmosphere, it can produce acid rain, which is harmful to living organisms. Coal-burning power plants are required to use scrubbers or other methods to remove the sulfur dioxide from their emissions. This substance is then processed into sulfuric acid, diluted with water, and stored for proper disposal. Due to the corrosive nature of sulfuric acid, storage and handling equipment must be constructed of specific materials.

Making the switch

Carver chose alloy 20, a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-stainless steel alloy that is an ideal material to stand up to the highly corrosive sulfuric acid solution. Alloy 20 is corrosion resistant and commonly used in many sulfuric acid applications. The Carver Pump team has extensive experience with this alloy and judged it an ideal material for the wetted parts of the pump

The first set of pumps was delivered and has been in operation for nearly a year, we are currently working on the sizing for the next set of pumps needed in this application. Carver Pump recently redesigned the GVS series into the G2S series, incorporating many enhancements, such as combining the motor bracket and bearing frame into one rugged casting and adding a new bushing for efficiency.

Power Generation