Multistage, Ring Section Pump

The RS is our process duty, horizontal ring section multi-stage pump. Designed for moderate to high pressure pumping, the RS is available in seven basic sizes with overall performance to 2,600 HP.  

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For Pressures to 1,500 PSI

The RS is offered with Class 300 ANSI R.F. inlet flanges and Class 600 or 900 ANSI R.F. discharge flanges, depending on the pressures and number of stages involved. Hydraulic performance extends to 2,000 GPM and 3,400 ft. TDH.

The RS design incorporates a product lubricated radial bearing as standard. The thrust bearings are two matched angular contact ball bearings located at the inboard (suction) end of the pump with a product lubricated, composite material. For units with an optional outboard mechanical seal, the angular contact ball bearings move to the outboard end and a ball bearing is added at the inboard end for handling any radial loads.

The RS also offers oil lubricated ball bearings. The ball bearings can be water cooled. Larger units can also be fan cooled. Many other options and arrangements, such as turbine and magnetic drive units, are also available.



Flows To

2,000 US GPM

454 m3/hr
Heads To

3,400 ft.

1,000 m
Pressures To

1,500 psig

100 bar
Temperatures From

-20° F to 300° F

-30° C to 149° C
Speeds To

3,550 RPM

Hydraulic Coverage


Standard Materials of Construction

Design Data



17-4PH stainless steel as standard.


Ball Bearings

Oil lubricated angular contact ball bearings to handle axial thrust in either direction.


Stuffing Box

Accepts either component or cartridge type mechanical seals.



O-ring sealed casing and interstages assure leak-free operation.



Class 300 ANSI suction flange and Class 600 or 900 ANSI discharge flanges



Ductile iron or CD4MCuN duplex stainless steel casing as standard.


Sleeve Bearings

Standard composite material radial sleeve type bearing.


Optional Ball Bearing Design

Optional matched angular contact ball bearings on the outboard end with grooved radial ball bearing on inboard end.


Wear Rings

Replaceable front and rear wear rings at each pump stage as standard.


Interstage Bushing

Composite or hardened metal replaceable  diffuser bushing .


First-Stage Impeller

Special low NPSH first-stage impeller


Shaft Sleeves

Stainless steel shaft sleeves as standard.


Optional Cooler

Included when temperatures exceed 220° F.



RS Brochure

2017 (6 MB)

Technical Manuals

RS Series ATEX Rev 0 -IOM (2 MB) Download
RS Series for Units after Dec 2015 – Current -IOM (5 MB) Download
RS Series – Built after July 2010 thru December 2015 -IOM (2 MB) Download
RS Series S/N 164313 thru July 2010 -IOM (3 MB) Download
RS Series S/N 158587 thru 164312 -IOM (3 MB) Download
RS Series S/N 158586 and Older -IOM (2 MB) Download
RS Series Techbook - (10 MB) Download

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