API Maxum OH2

End Suction API 610 Pumps

The API Maxum is our offering specifically designed to meet the needs of the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry. Fully compliant with latest edition API 610 specifications, the API Maxum is a horizontal OH2 unit.

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API Maxum OH2

The API Maxum OH2 is designed for optimum reliability, units feature rugged construction and state of the art mechanical design features. These pumps are well suited for applications that include petroleum refining/production/distribution, petrochemical/chemical processing, boiler circulation/high temperature applications, and general industrial use. A workhorse in the industry, these pumps are designed for years of service, in some of the toughest environments imaginable.

Standard features include renewable casing wear rings, API 610 seal chamber for 682 mechanical seals, back pull-out construction, dynamically balanced impellers, heavy duty carbon steel/finned bearing housing equipped and labyrinth type oil seals with fan cooling. Locations are also included for temperature probes as a standard. Common options include single, double or tandem mechanical seals, and various seal flush systems. Heavy duty baseplates, casing jackets, and various levels of performance testing are also available depending on the individual user requirements.

Together, these features combine to produce some of the most efficient hydraulics in the industry and shaft deflection values meeting or exceeding that of API 610 requirements. The API Maxum OH2 is also available as an OH1 design for lower temperature applications.


Flows To

11,500 US GPM

3,136 m3/hr
Heads To

720 FT.

220 m
Efficiencies To


Power To

900 HP

670 KW
Speeds Up To

3,550 RPM

Temperatures To



Hydraulic Coverage


Standard Materials of Construction



Class 300 ANSI flanges with centerline discharge assist in self-venting.


Wear Rings

Replaceable casing and backhead wear rings secured by an interference fit reduce axial loads and extend rotor life.



Back pull out design with registered fits and fully confined gaskets assure sealing and alignment of critical fits. Casing drains included as standard.



Enclosed, high efficiency impellers balanced to ISO 1940, Grade G2.5 for vibration-free operation. All impellers are keyed to shaft.


API 682 Seal Chamber

Provides an ideal seal environment for both single/dual, pressurized/unpressurized cartridge mechanical seals. A full range of API 682 piping plans are also available to maximize seal life.


Bearing Frame

Heavy duty bearing housing with cooling fins, fan and labyrinth seals keep oil clean and cool for greater bearing life.


Bearing Lubrication

Oil lubricated bearings with standard flooded lubrication. Conversion to flinger, purge oil mist or pure oil mist is possible without additional machining.


Cooling Fan

Cooling fan allows ambient temperatures to 110° F maximum and fluid temperatures to 600° F in centerline mount configuration. The cooling fan also extends bearing life.



Minimal shaft deflection extends mechnical seal and wear ring life.



API Maxum Brochure

2009 (966 KB)

Technical Manuals

11th Edition API Maxum -IOM (1 MB) Download
10th Edition API Maxum -IOM (2 MB) Download
API Maxum Series Techbook - (6 MB) Download
API Maxum OH2 -IOM (2 MB) Download

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