Non-Clogging Process Pump

Our solids-handling pump for handling water, oils and chemicals in process and general industry applications.

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The KWP is designed for fluids with entrained solids and fibrous materials up to 1.5″ in diameter. Wide passages in the two-vane enclosed impeller minimize clogging and crushing of the entrained material. Primarily a horizontal unit, the KWP can be either frame-mounted or close-coupled.

Common options include soft packing, single or double cartridge seals, and any type of seal flush plan.

The back pull-out design makes maintenance easy and lower total life cycle cost. Shaft deflections are limited to 0.002″ at the seal.

All together, these features combine to make the KWP a pump of exceptional value, combining affordability with some of the most efficient hydraulics found in a pump of this type.


Flows To

1,300 GPM

300 m3/hr
Heads To

240 ft.

100 m
Solids To

1-1/2 in. diameter

38 mm diameter
Power To

50 HP

40 KW
Speeds To

3,550 RPM

Temperatures To

250° F

120° C

Hydraulic Coverage



Materials of Construction

Design Data



Wear Rings

Replaceable wear ring.



Wide passages to minimize clogging and crushing of the entrained material.


360°Registered Fits

Fully confined gaskets assure proper sealing and alignment of critical fits.


Mechanical Seal

Single mechanical seal on close coupled units.


Back Pull Out Design

Allows inspection of rotating elements without disturbing the piping.



KWP BROCHURE Cover | Carver Pump

KWP Brochure

2020 (638 KB)

Technical Manuals

KWP Series Close Coupled - IOM (1 MB) Download
KWP Series Close Coupled Before May 2015 - IOM (979 KB) Download
KWP Series Frame Mounted with Mechanical Seal - IOM (1 MB) Download
KWP Series Frame Mounted with Packing - IOM (1,012 KB) Download

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