A Carver Pump Story

Fueling Tugboats in the Panama Canal

Approximately 14,000 ships travel through the Panama Canal each year, including a significant number of tugboats.

Improving Efficiency

Tugboats play an essential role for the canal, assisting vessels through any of the twelve locks and staying close in case of power or steering lose. The tugboats must be re-fueled from terminals positioned along transit routes, which is why decision-makers managing the Panama Canal decided to build a new terminal at the Miraflores lock, near Gatun Lake. More fuel pumping terminals along the canal means the tugboats will have more access points for refueling, thereby saving time and improving efficiency.

Meeting the Requirements

The API 610 compliant pump is specifically engineered for hydrocarbons with WCB construction. With the constant activity at the Panama Canal, the engineers at CANFF-22 chose these pumps because of the proven reliability.

Carver Pumps reputation for designing pumps that are built to last extends all over the world.

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