A Carver Pump Story

LACT Systems in the Oil and Gas Production Region of Canada

The transfer of crude oil from producer to end user requires a pump that can provide sustained high pressure and hold up to the harsh, changing climate of Canada’s oil and gas production region.

Preserving Roads

Carver Pump was contacted by a producer in the Canadian oil and gas production region that was using 20 tanker trucks per day to transfer oil to their customers. Installing booster pumps eliminated the risks involved with over-the-road oil transfer, cut transportation costs and helped save wear and tear on roads.

An Easy Choice

Carver Pump’s RS (Ring Section) pump line was an easy choice for the LACT system booster pumps needed in this application. Our RS pumps produce up to 3400 ft TDH (Total Dynamic Head) and can easily pump oil long distances over changing elevations. The ability to easily remove or add a stage of pump to accommodate the different system requirements on this job made the RS a more economical choice over a single-impeller pump. Our RS casings can be fabricated out of ductile iron or CD4MCu, and can withstand some of the harshest pumping environments on earth.

Carver Pump installed 16 RS pumps for this customer’s LACT systems. Our multiple pump lines allow us to supply both the charge pumps and booster pumps needed to work with these types of systems. Contact us to learn how we can solve all your pumping challenges.