A Carver Pump Story

Fueling Planes In Bogota, Columbia

To get planes on their way as quickly and safely as possible Latin America's largest international cargo airport needed a 100% reliable fueling system.

Increasing Safety

Tank refueling vehicles are still used in many airports throughout the world to transport the fuel from storage tanks to planes. The tank refueling vehicles add additional risks which could result in fires or even explosions caused by sparks from the vehicles’ engines. It also results in delays in getting fuel to the planes and limits how much fuel can be transferred to a plane at one time. As a result, larger airports such as El Dorado airport in Bogota, Columbia have installed an aircraft fuel hydrant system to transport their fuel. Fuel hydrant systems add additional safety and 100% reliability to the fuel transfer process while also increasing productivity and response time.

Meeting the Requirements

The 6x4x13 carbon steel API Maxum pump was chosen for this specific application. It fully meets API 610, 11th edition which was a requirement for this application. Ten of these pumps were installed two years ago and have been operating the hydrant fueling system at El Dorado airport 24/7 without any issues.

Carver Pumps reputation for designing pumps that are built to last extends all over the world. We are currently working with multiple international airports on their new and expansion hydrant fueling systems.

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